Bre Burns

Bre Burns knew she had fallen in love after her first vinyasa class in 2009. The positivity and attitude from her very first teacher was something she wanted to emulate out to the world. The calming energy and athletic connection was all she needed to continue her practice. After being a student for eight years, the connection between mind, body, and spirit led Bre to attend her teacher training in Goa, India. Studying Ashtanga and Vinyasa was a perfect balance of the athleticism, dedication, and creativity of yoga.

If you were to ask a student about Bre, they would tell you that she encourages you to work your troubles out on the mat, leaving the negativity at the door and leaving a healthier, stronger, wiser you. If you were to ask a friend, they would say she has two loves: yoga and music. The power and influence of music drives students through Bre’s strong sequencing, creating energy and motivation. Always cracking a joke to get some laughter, her personality shines through in her teaching.

Don’t be afraid to let your own personality shine through on your mat in her class. She encourages a ponytail flip and a little dancing if the right song comes on!