Class Descriptions

There are three levels of adult (ages 16 and up) yoga classes at Pavonine Yoga:

  • All Levels: This is the class for you! Our incredible instructors will offer modifications throughout the class to make things easier or more difficult for everyone present. Expect a challenging, though accessible, class.
  • Level 1 (Beginner): If you’ve never taken a yoga class, or have only taken a handful of classes, this is your level. Beginner classes place a strong emphasis on learning the mechanics of each pose, and they move at a slower pace. Most poses and movements will be demonstrated by the instructor. Even if you are very athletic but have still never done yoga before, we still recommend that you take a Level 1 class.
  • Level 2 (Intermediate): Intermediate classes assume a basic knowledge of many common postures, the vinyasa, and sun salutations. The instructor will be your guide and present new challenges, of course, but he or she also knows that you’ve done yoga before and don’t need to see every single pose demonstrated.
  • Level 3 (Advanced): Expect a hot and difficult class. We believe that if you’re looking for a challenge, you should be able to find one regardless of your level of yoga practice. Level 3 classes assume a solid knowledge of a large number of asanas; a high level of physical strength is also expected. A variety of inversions are also common in Level 3.


Within these levels, we offer the following styles of yoga:

  • Warm and Hot Vinyasa A heated, dynamic, movement-based practice, this class focuses on various yoga poses, transitions, and breathing. Basic inversions and arm balances may be offered and modifications will be made to make poses more or less challenging. Suitable for all levels. Hot Vinyasa is heated to about 95 degrees; Warm Vinyasa is about 90 degrees. Participants must be 16 years or older.
  • Power Flow A rigorous, dynamic, movement-based, heated vinyasa class with a more or less set sequence, this is a great workout demanding strength and flexibility. Though challenging, this class is suitable for all levels but some prior knowledge of yoga poses and/or experience with heated yoga is desired.
  • Yin A static, grounding, unheated class focused on increased flexibility through stretching, holding poses for longer periods of time (up to several minutes), and breathing. Most poses are seated.
  • Candlelit Restorative A static, grounding class focused on gentle poses, breathing, and mental focus. Candlelit Restorative yoga takes place in a dark, peaceful room and may use the assistance of props like bolsters and blankets to support the body and obtain maximal restfulness. Many poses are done lying down, and the instructor may also use aromatherapy, Yoga Nidra, meditation, and breathing practices for a more relaxing experience.