Yoga Etiquette

We ask students to respect the following conventions of yoga etiquette:

  •  Be sure to arrive at least 10-15 minutes early so that you have time to park down the street, check in to your class, maybe rent a mat or towels, and settle in to your practice.
  • We know you’re happy to be here (so are we!), but please keep voices low if you’re waiting outside while classes are in session.
  • Please be sure not to wear shoes inside the studio.
  • Once you enter your class, take some quiet time to transition from your day to your mat, and be respectful of others who are doing the same.
  • While we discourage cell phones inside the studios while practicing, if you must have your phone, please be absolutely certain that it remains on silent.
  • Teachers sometimes physically adjust students’ postures. If you feel uncomfortable with a teacher potentially touching you, please alert your instructor at the beginning of class, or take a white stone from the props shelf in the studio and place it at the top of your mat.
  • When finished with class, please be sure to clean Pavonine’s blocks and mats, and return all borrowed mats and props.
  • Please only use blankets and bolsters if instructed to do so by your teacher. Blankets are not to be used as sweat towels.