Heather Cummings

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Heather Cummings was introduced to yoga in her early 20’s by her mother.  It wasn’t for another 10 or so years, when she returned to the practice, that something had shifted. Having suffered most of her life with debilitating anxiety and depression, she was amazed to reach the inner peace that she had longed for after one class. After a year of daily sadhana, Heather wanted to delve deeper into her profound experience. She completed a 200-hour intensive yoga teacher training with Michelle Dawson of The Body Art Barn and was forever changed. She is currently working on her 300-hour training and continues to attend workshops. In March of 2019 she attended a Deep Kula 2-day Immersion with Schulyer Grant, weaving together asana, alignment, breath, and bandha awareness. Yoga continues to heal and help her grow. She is amazed at how the journey continues to unfold on and off the mat. Heather’s goal is to share this magical journey with others. She is inspired by Mother Earth, the healing power of music/sound, and the wonderful characters she meets along this magical journey. Heather is forever a student, and believes that “The quieter you become, the more you can hear” (Ram Dass).