Jessica Marie Bugbee

Jessica Marie Bugbee began her yogic journey through meditation and asana in late 2016, embarking on a total body, mind, and spiritual reconnection with herself and nature that allowed her to let go of patterns that were no longer serving her. Through yoga, Jessica has been able to lead from the heart again, trust her intuition, and better serve herself and her community.

She completed her 200-hour yoga teacher training through nOMad, always at OM… in 2018. Jessica focuses her energy in providing space for the healing powers of yoga to flow through the individual’s body and mind, so that they, too, can learn, grow, and lead a more awakened life. Jessica is a certified holistic health coach directing attention towards empowering the individual through the lens of bio-individuality to become in-tune with their true, higher self.

As a Veteran Army combat medic of both the Afghanistan and Iraq wars, and a volunteer firefighter, she acutely understands the need for the breath, body, and spiritual connection to resonate within the person, and hopes to share these lessons with her students. You can expect a thoughtful, postural alignment-based asana with dharma and bits of fun threaded throughout her class.