Melinda Neri

Melinda Neri began her yoga journey in 2012 when she attended her first class at the Orange County YMCA in Monroe, New York. As an avid runner at the time, Melinda thought yoga was all about stretching and decided to take a class to complement her training. What she was not expecting was the sense of freedom she experienced while flowing on her mat. She realized she opened the door to something very special and was guided to the class for a reason. There was an immediate connection to the practice as she felt her anxiety and depression melt away with every deep and transformative breath. Yoga became a safe space for her to break open, let go, and clear a pathway for healing to discover her inner light. As she continued on this pathway, Melinda knew she wanted to share this magical practice of healing and self-discovery with others.

Melinda completed her 200 RYT certification at Sol Full Yoga in May 2018 and is currently working on her 300 RYT at Flow Yoga NJ. Always a student, Melinda continues to seek opportunities to learn and evolve as a teacher. Her classes are designed with the intention to root you in the present moment through linking breath and movement. Expect a strong and creative sequence for all levels with lots of opportunities to grow and deepen the connection to your true self. Melinda is forever grateful for the practice of yoga and all of its life-long lessons. She lives in Suffern, NY with her husband, Matt, and fur babies, Chewy and Sasha.